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Blue30 are Q4 ready!

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

In the Amazon seller community, we all discuss if the sellers are Q4 ready?

Are they financially ready to throw EVERY penny into stock?

Are they ready for the HUGE increase in volume of sales?

Are they ready to replenish stock 100X faster than normal?

The Q4 checklist for sellers is never ending...

However, one question that is over looked, that could LITERALLY change your Q4... Is your Prep Centre Q4 Ready?

Here at Blue30, we can confidently assure you that WE ARE READY!

- We are ready to handle your increased volumes of units sent.

- We will dispatch your items with the same efficiency and accuracy as any other time of year.

- We will not compromise our level of customer service, or communication with our clients.

- Most of all, we will work relentlessly as a team to make this the best Q4 you have seen in the world of Amazon selling!

To achieve the above, we ensured that we secured a location with an abundance of space to support growth, we have vigorously tested and amended our SOPS and we have secured the best staff to manage and handle the velocity of units turned around by Blue30.

We hope that this re-assures our current clients and gives the required confidence to all prospective clients.

We wish you all the best Q4 and look forward to seeing and hearing of the progress and journeys over the coming months.


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