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Amazon Prep Centre UK

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Amazon Prep Centre UK
Amazon Prep Centre UK
Amazon Prep Centre UK

Blue30 was founded by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers. With over 5 years of selling experience, Alan and Kachun have started their Amazon business from the ground up, learning the process along the way and have adapted to the ever changing market. We have a clear understanding of the Amazon specifications required and a clear understanding of the effects if these are not met.

We understand all too well the time, energy and commitment it takes to bulid your Amazon business, this is installed into each of our staff members, with care and dedication across the board.

We are 1 team with 1 goal to offer the best possible service with clear and transparent pricing and NO hidden fees. We use the latest technologies to deliver this within our processes and systems. 

We are extremly client focused and we know how important communication is so we have our own ticketing system in place as well as multi channel communication to our client service team with fast responses.

We know the faith our clients put in us to receive, inspect,  store, prep and dispatch their items and we do not take that for granted. We know how important the process that we offer has within their business.

Amazon Prep Centre UK

We pride ourselves on our clear communications

Amazon Prep Centre UK

We are efficient and effective in everything that we do

Amazon Prep Centre UK

We work as one with our selling partners

Amazon Prep Centre UK

We are always professional

Blue30 Amazon Prep Centre UK

We are open, honest and trustworthy

Amazon Prep Centre UK


Meet our Co-founders, Alan and Kachun.

They both met within the Fire Service after Alan coming from a miltary background and Kachun coming from a business background. 


They got themselves into selling on ecommerce platforms and when their homes were taken over by stock they looked to find a prep centre but could not find one that they were happy with so they established Blue30 to build a reliable and trusted prep centre, based on the core values of customer service, accuracy and efficiency.


They use their backgorunds, experience and fire service values to create a great team that has 1 goal to help other Amazon business owners by offering a great service. Which they both love and enjoy doing.

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Amazon Prep Centre UK

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