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Blue30 Amazon FBA Prep Centre UK

Discord Set-Up Guide

At Blue30 we know how important communication is to our clients, so as a company we are hot on it with the coms! We have a dedicated office team that are ready to help and reply to your messages and we aim to reply to all messages the same day. Our office team are available within our open hours.

New to Discord?

Already have a Discord account?

New to Discord
Blue30 Amazon FBA Prep Centre UK
Blue30 Amazon FBA Prep Centre UK
Blue30 Amazon FBA Prep Centre UK
Blue30 Amazon FBA Prep Centre UK

Step 1

By using the link from your onboarding email it will bring you to the Blue30 server.


You will then need to select register.

Step 2

You will then be required to enter your email address to sign up.

Step 3

Blue30 Amazon FBA Prep Centre UK

You will have to pick a username and a password.

Step 4

Enter your date of birth.

Step 5

Choose a profile picture.

Step 6

You're all set up to your Discord account.

Blue30 Amazon FBA Prep Centre UK
Alredy have discord
Blue30 Amazon FBA Prep Centre UK

Step 7

Enter the server by the link below.
Accept the invite.

Step 8

You will now be in the server holding area awaiting a member of our team to assign you your own private channel.

Step 9

Blue30 Amazon FBA Prep Centre UK

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In order for our team to add you into your own channel we will require your Discord ID. Your ID is your chosen name followed by the # and the following digits.This will need to be provided within the onboarding form. The link to the onboarding form is located within the onboarding email.

Blue30 Amazon FBA Prep Centre UK

Discord FAQ's

What is the channel used for?

Is Discord the only methord of coummication?

The channel is used for communication between our team and yourself.

how to sign up to your best choice in amazon prep centre uk. here is the page to do it for private label and wholesale prep for amazon wholesale uk and arbitarage amazon uk

Discord is our preferred method and will receive the quickest reponses as all of our teams are within the channel. However you can always email us at or give us a call on 01268 230214.

Can other clients see what I message?

No your channel is completly private between you and our team.

Who is in the channel?

You will be in the channel with our inbound team, outbound team, accounts team and our admin team.

How long do I have to wait for a reply?

We try our best to reply to all messages the same day if they are received before half 4. We also try to provide live time responses to your messages. 

What times can I message between?

You can message us at any time of the day or night. We will then respond to your enquiries during our opening hours.

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