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Expanding Your Amazon Business: Importing to Amazon UK and EU in 2024

Are you a thriving third-party seller on Amazon UK? If so, the thought of expanding your success internationally has likely crossed your mind. With Amazon's seamless global product showcasing, it's a strategic move to tap into international markets by importing to Amazon UK and EU.

import to amazon uk and eu

Amazon DE and UK constitute two of the largest Amazon markets, and collectively, the entire EU surpasses any single marketplace. Leveraging the European Fulfilment Network (EFN) allows you to efficiently fulfil all your EU orders from a single location. Let Amazon take care of the rest once you import to the UK.

However, entering the EU market comes with its challenges. Here are some key points for importers to keep in mind:

Key points to Importing to Amazon UK and Europe.

1. VAT (Value Added Tax):

  • As a foreign seller, you must register to pay VAT and collect it from your customers on all sales. The UK has a flat rate of 20%, but it varies across individual EU countries.

  • Import VAT is payable at the point of entry into the EU on the total value of goods plus shipping.

  • Charge 20% VAT on sales to customers in the UK and file VAT reports.

2. Customs Duty:

  • Payable on imports of most goods with a value over £135. Rates differ based on the class of goods.

3. European Fulfilment Network (EFN):

  • After registering for VAT and importing goods to Amazon's FBA fulfilment centres in the UK, leverage the EFN to cover Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

  • Amazon lists your items on all EU marketplaces and handles European fulfilment, facilitating sales growth.

4. Is it Worthwhile?

  • Evaluate potential rewards against costs. Consider import shipping fees, import duty (around 2.5%), and the 20% VAT deduction from the final selling price.

  • Factor in accounting fees if using specialists for UK and EU VAT filings.

Getting Started: Step by Step Guide to Importing to Amazon UK and EU.

  • Register with HMRC for VAT and obtain a VAT number.

  • Register for a seller central account in the UK or your chosen marketplace.

  • Apply for an EORI number for import documents and communication with EU customs officials.

  • Work with a freight forwarder to import goods into Europe.

  • Plan your returns policy, as customers won't send goods back internationally.

Working with Blue30 FBA Prep Centre can help with Importing to Amazon UK and Europe.

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